Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I took advantage of the small movie theater inside of the Renaissance Center last night to watch Wall-E, the new Pixar film. I missed the last one (Ratatouille; no idea if I spelled that right), but I heard great things about Wall-E, (and as my parents can attest, I loooove robots) so I wanted to check it out.

My rating of the film is two thumbs up, only limited by the fact that I don't have more than two thumbs. If I had, say, five thumbs, all of them would be up. I'm trying to think of anything about the move that I didn't enjoy, and I can't really think of anything. Just a completely satisfying film. It has an underlying ethic that is somewhat treehuggery, but I can't fault the film for that, because I tend a bit that way myself, these days.

So, yeah, you need to go see it. Perhaps at a bigger screen than the Renaissance Center Landmark 4. Oh, yeah! I just thought of what I didn't like about the movie; the preview for Disney's forthcoming chiahuahua movie, which looks insufferable.


636benjamin said...

Maybe I'll check it out, but not until I see Batman. Are you gonna be around for that?

Patrick Roberts said...

Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit," minus the cheesy 80's style... but i'm sure Pixar made a totally original story otherwise

Aaron W. Thorne said...

Ben, you scheduled the Batman outing for Sunday night, which is when my small group meets. I'll check with them this Sunday and see if they like the Bats or God better.