Monday, April 19, 2010

Clean Up Time

Today is the first day of my two-week vacation. Many people plan far in advance all of the cool things that they will do on their vacation. I, however, spent most of the day organizing and cleaning in my house, to get ready for the carpet cleaning crew coming in tomorrow. I figured this was a good excuse to do some cleaning up and sorting of things, which did not happen much during my three month stint in Detroit. I'm not totally done, but I got through a lot of it. Tomorrow I am going to go through my clothes and select stuff to give away, as my church is having its twice annual "community closet" this coming Saturday, and that is a good way to get rid of stuff I no longer need but is still perfectly usable. Once that is done with, I should be pretty much done with that. Then I can really just relax for a few days, which should also include some hiking in local parks, something that I don't do enough of.

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