Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vuvuzelas for BP

If you have watched any of the world cup matches you will have heard what sounds like a swarm of insects in the background. This is not because South Africa is being invaded by a horde of locusts, but rather because the locals like to blow on cheap plastic horns for two straight hours. Seeing how annoying this is, a forward-thinking individual decided to gather some money to hire people to blow vuvuzelas at the BP headquarters in the hopes of annoying the poor people who work there.

Part of me thinks that this is hilarious, and part of me thinks that this is just mean. Let's be honest here, it is the poor sods that work the trenches that will have to bear the brunt of this, as the executives can just jet off to Cabo during the whole thing and say it is a "strategy session." But, still, the idea of expressing displeasure by blasting vuvuzelas at someone is pretty hilarious.

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