Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Greetings from Dallas

Hola from Dallas, TX. I am here all week doing an audit at an aviation parts distributor. Did you know that Dallas' road system was designed by rabid squirrels? I can't provide any documentary evidence to support this claim, but all you have to do is try to drive on the roads around here to figure it out for yourself. Maybe instead of being rabid, the squirrels were just high on weed; I guess that is another possibility. Anyway, something was wrong with those squirrels.

Even though Dallas is having temperatures in the high '90s, it still feels nicer than it does in St. Louis right now, because the humidity is modest. Dallas is also quite flat, or at least the area around the airport where I am working is quite flat. Maybe the downtown area is more varied, but out here the only rising land are the freeway overpasses.


Arnold Observer said...

My biggest difficulty on Dallas roads was turning left. Dallas is likely more "right wing", but designing that into their roads is going too far. You can go A to C, but don't try to turn left at B!

Aaron W. Thorne said...

Very true. To get to something on the left, you generally have to go past it, turn around, and come back towards it from the other side. I have also noticed that their freeway exit ramps are set up such that you have to exit roughly a mile before you would ever visually see that was the exit you actually wanted, such that if you haven't taken that exit before, you are forced to miss it the first time, turn around, and try it again. Maybe they just hate outsiders?