Thursday, August 05, 2010

Seeing Old Things As New Again

You may remember a while back when I noted that I had burned my entire CD collection to iTunes and boxed up my CDs, such that when I want to listen to music on my stereo I just plug in my iPod and go to town. One of the interesting things that has arisen from this action is that older CDs, which I had not listened to in years because they were buried in the depths of my CD racks, are now coming back to my attention because iTunes gives all albums equal screen space. So, I have been spending some time recently listening to albums that I have not listened to in years; in some cases, well over five years. It has been an interesting experience. I have also realized that while some of these older albums are quite good and I should not have shunted them to side as I did, some of them were not listened to for a reason, as some of the albums just weren't that good or were purchased during one of my "open minded" periods where I was trying new things only to learn that I just don't like some things. The end result of this is that some of those old albums are going to get deleted from iTunes entirely, as I can't imagine ever listening to them again. On the other hand, there are some albums that have a handful of really great songs on them, with a lot of "meh," so I just need to create some good playlists to include the good stuff and leave the lame stuff behind forever.

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