Saturday, January 01, 2011

Epic Win

It should not come as a significant surprise to any of you that I like playing games.  This includes RPGs, those games where you start with a character who is a putz and then have adventures to develop skills and experience.  It also should not come as a surprise to people that doing various chores and house work is not my favorite thing in the world.  Sometimes, you just need some motivation, which the prospect of clean windows do not provide directly.  At times like these, I need a little more.

A couple weeks ago, while listening to an episode of All Games Considered, the hosts of the show mentioned an iPhone app called Epic Win.  This app is essentially a "to do" list, where you can input all of the stuff you need/want to do.  However, it is done up like it was a RPG.  You create a character (I have a little skeleton), and as you complete tasks your character gains experience, going up in levels, finding interesting items on his quest, and so on.  It is a lovely way to motivate me to do things like vacuum the house, because if I put vacuuming on the to do list, then my character gains experience whenever I do it.

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