Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Blues Are Serious

Today the St. Louis Blues signed both Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott to contracts for the 2011-2012 season.  Both deals are for one year, $2.5 million plus bonuses.  With these two signings, the Blues show that they are serious about seriously pushing for a playoff spot this year.  The Blues didn't need both signings to get them to the salary floor for the coming year, so this shows commitment by the organization to take things to the next level and be more competitive.

Jamie Langenbrunner, while the player I am less excited about among the two, is a very interesting signing.  He has only previously ever played for the Devils and the Stars, so his signing in St. Louis means one of two things:  either nobody really wanted him and he was just looking for the best money he could find (a realistic possibility), or he really thinks that St. Louis is ready for a break-out year and he wants in on it.  He is a leaership guy, so it is entirely possible that his money won't be earned with points production on the ice, but in the locker room.  It is possible that Langenbrunner was brought in to help show T.J. Oshie what it means to be a professional and to give your all to the cause.  If that is true, and he can help the young firebrand to get more responsible, then this is likely money well spent.

I am quite excited about the Arnott signing.  Arnott has been a serious stud for years, one of those guys who will never lead your team in scoring but provides tons of leadership and plays very responsible hockey.  He has no trouble mucking it up to make a play and, as long as he isn't over the hill at the age of 37 (which he will turn around the start of the season) he should easily earn his paycheck.  He is another guy who can provide a lot of good leadership to the youngsters on the team.

So while the Blues don't have a realistic shot at making a deep playoff run this season, they appear on paper to have a very solid team to make a serious shot at the playoffs; if David Perron is available to play this season, that makes things look even better.  Dare I be optimistic for this coming season?

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Christopher said...

I know someone else who isn't over the hill yet at age 37...;-)