Monday, September 08, 2014

World at War: Death of the First Panzer

Death of the First Panzer is an expansion pack for the Eisenbach Gap game, which I wrote about over three years ago.  As this is an expansion, I'm not going to cover the rules, as I already covered that in my write up of Eisenbach Gap.  The focus of this expansion is the West German (hey, it's supposed to be 1985 in the game) Panzer corps.  So, you get around 50 counters for new German units, a few new Soviet unit counters, a scenario and rules addendum booklet that includes six new scenarios, and a new 11" x 17" map used in four of the new scenarios (the other two use the map from the base game).  It is really all more of the same, as there are no significantly new types of units or radically different scenarios.  If you like Eisenbach Gap, then this is worth getting for the new scenarios and the West German units.  Otherwise, you have no reason to bother with this.

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