Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Over the last few days, I have been on my first vacation of the year. My friend Brian flew into town from NYC and we saw some of the local sites, and played lots of games. Playing the games wasn't really the plan, but it was what Brian wanted to do, so there you go. We played one game of Memoir '44, but Brian didn't like it, so then we moved on to Samurai Swords, at which I beat him due to his strategic blunder at the end. We then played some Zombies!!! (always a favorite), and then he wanted me to whip up a quick RPG for him. He flew all the way from NYC to St. Louis to play role-playing games. It boggles the mind. Anyway, we had a good time.

Brian was here through Sunday, and then over the last couple days I have been hanging out at home, goofing off and relaxing. Oh, and trying to get grass to grow in my backyard. It looks like my hard work may just pay off, as I am seeing some small grass shoots coming out of the ground where I had put seed. Hopefully it will actually live for a while before the summer heat kills it all off.

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