Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lone Wolf

They're here! They're here! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the two first Lone Wolf books (hardback collector's editions, naturally) are in my grubby little hands, and I am happy. These are reprints of the original books from the '80s, though with some changes. First, they have all new art, due to legal issues and so forth. Second, the books do have some new content. The first book, Flight from the Dark, has been extensively re-written, and now consists of 550 sections, instead of the standard 350. The second book, Fire on the Water, is the same as the original edition, but there is an extra solo adventure in the back featuring a minor character, which was not in the original edition.

So, thank you, Mongoose Publishing! It wasn't easy dropping $600 all at once for the mega deal offer (all 32 books, in hardback collector's editions, plus the new novel trilogies, shipped for free once they are printed over the next ~5 years), but it is great to see Lone Wolf in print again, especially since this way I will finally get the books that were never printed in the US during the original publication run.

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