Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the Big City

So I'm in Detroit this week, the first of probably many weeks in Detroit. I'm working at the Renaissance Center, right on the Detroit river. This building houses GM's headquarters, and that is why I am working for, helping review some internal controls work done by people in various parts of the world.

Once I get settled in (i.e., get a real access badge for the complex) I plan on taking some pictures for you all. As you might expect, there are many fancy looking cars inside GM's headquarters, including a tricked out Corvette, the new Camaro, and more. Mostly Chevrolet and Pontiac cars, from what I could see, but they have a Saturn Vue right near the main entrance, as well.

This week, I am staying in a hotel about six blocks away from the Renaissance Center. This means that on my way to and from work I get to talk to random people wanting money. Today, I got a couple collecting money from strangers to buy a tombstone for a recently deceased relative. For real! At least, I think it was for real. I didn't give them any money, though. The area is definitely urban; within a few blocks of my hotel is Comerica Park (where the Tigers play), Ford Stadium (where the Lions play), my own firm's Detroit office, a nudie club, a casino complex, lots of parking lots, the criminal justice center, bail bonds operations, and probably much more that I haven't walked past yet. Quite an ... interesting collection, to be sure. Next week I'm staying at the Marriott inside the Renaissance Center, as I don't like the beds where I am, and the fitness center is a joke, as well.

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