Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Going North

Greetings from Ithaca, NY. That is where I happen to find myself this week. I've never been anywhere in New York other than NYC, so it is good to get a first-hand view of how the rest of the state is. I must say, it appears quite normal. Also, people here appear about 100 times nicer than the NYC stereotype. And the airport! Ha, ha! I have to laugh because it is tiny. In fact, it is the same size as the airport in Fargo, ND, with only four gates. I can literally walk from the airport to my hotel, and they are not on the same property or anything. Funny.

Actually, I have had a new experience this week. When I flew into town on Monday night, I was met by a security officer from the company I am here to audit. See, I couldn't rent a car, because all the car rental places my company has contracts with were closed for the holiday. So, the manager I am working with from the client arranged a vehicle for me through the company security office. So I met the security officer at the airport, and he drove me in his truck to my hotel, where another security officer was waiting to hand me the keys to the Ford Explorer I am driving this week. The two security officers then proceeded into the hotel lobby with me, so there I was at the check-in counter flanked by a security officer on each side. I wasn't sure how to respond to that, actually; it was kind of weird. Nice people, though. I'd personally prefer my security detail to be a bit more intimidating, but you go with what you have, I guess.

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