Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Planning my Summer Vacation

As some of you may know, I am planning to go to Toronto for my 35th birthday this June. I am going by myself, since I only have enough frequent flyer miles to get myself there for free, and no more. I also have enough hotel points to stay in downtown Toronto in a nice Marriott or Hilton for free, so this should be a pretty reasonable vacation from a wallet standpoint. The primary reason for going to Toronto is to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame. As a pro hockey fan for 20 years, I figure I need to make the proverbial "journey to Mecca" and get to the Hall. This is where they store the Stanley Cup, people. I was originally planning on a quick weekend trip: up on Friday, hit the Hall on Saturday, and then back on Sunday.

However, I then checked to see if my favorite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays (long story), were in town that weekend. It turns out that they are! Playing the Phillies! That's pretty awesome. What isn't really awesome is the fact that the game is at 1:05 P.M. on Saturday, which screws up my perfect plan of spending all day at the Hall and then going to a ballgame that night. But an afternoon ball game with the roof open (assuming it's a sunny day)? That's pretty sweet. So, I'm probably going to need to make some adjustments to my original plans. I'm either going to head up on Thursday and hit the Hall on Friday, or come back to STL on Monday. We'll just have to see which days has better free flight options on American Airlines, I guess.

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