Friday, November 27, 2009

Let Us Give Thanks, for Board Games

Wow, am I on a roll. On Wednesday my family had an early Thanksgiving meal (to allow my brother, Christopher, to have Thanksgiving on the actual day with his in-laws), so I was over at my parents' place most of the day. So what did I do there? Since it was a Thorne family gathering, we played games, of course. On that first day I played Commands & Colors: Ancients, Attika, Carcassonne, and Strat-O-Matic baseball. The next day, Thanksgiving, I actually was at home in the morning doing chores and writing a couple reviews for that anime website I am an editor for, but then I went to my parents' house at lunch, and some more Commands & Colors was played, as well as Eurorails. Then today I headed over in the morning after I got out of the gym and we played a lot of Shadows over Camelot, capped off with another game of Commands & Colors. I'm actually feeling a little gamed out, but tomorrow my wargaming club has a meeting, so I will be there in the afternoon, and then I am going to a friend's house to play some Arkham Horror, and maybe some Battlestar Galactica if we have time. It's all a bit much, I agree, but I love it!!!

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