Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sometimes Things Actually Work Out

The Saturday before last I had the extreme pleasure of watching a part of one of my teeth ping off of the bathroom mirror while I was flossing. Well, actually, it was part of a partial porcelain crown that had been put on that tooth almost four years ago, but the important thing is that what should have been securely fashioned in my mouth was instead flying through the air and bouncing around the room. On the plus side, there was no pain involved, or cold sensitivity, or anything that would indicate actual damage to the tooth material. Instead, the porcelain addition just broke off. I was pretty sure that the dentist would use this as an excuse to charge me hundreds of dollars to completely redo the original work. Instead, they just glued the piece right back in place (thankfully I had saved it) and shaved a bit off the top so that there is a little less impact when I chew, and that was that. Didn't even charge me anything. Hey, sometimes things work out OK.

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