Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sports Night

This week has been filled with work during the day, and sports at night. On Tuesday, my work team and I drove out to Auburn Hills to enjoy the Pistons/Pacers basketball game. Well, "enjoy" might be a strong word. We were at the game, but we spent maybe half of the time there actually watching the basketball game, which was pretty lousy. Seriously, only one player on the Pistons (Andrew Bynum) actually seemed to be putting forth any real effort, and the Pacers weren't much better. Anyway, we spent the rest of the evening in the club that our super swank tickets got us access to. Free food and drink the entire day, plus a great view of the parking lot. I also picked up a Pistons T-shirt for 40% off. It can't say good things about a franchise when they start selling T-shirts for almost half off and the season isn't even over yet.

Last night, I went to the Red Wings/Blues game here in Detroit, which was more enjoyable than the basketball game (because the players cared about winning), but also less enjoyable (because the Blues lost). Interestingly enough, I got to sit next to the sister and nephew of Andy McDonald, a player for the Blues. Who knew that I would be able to find some rabid Blues partisans in the heart of Red Wings country? Surely not I. I didn't even bring a jersey to the game because I didn't want to get doused in beer by the drunk locals, but they turned out to be quite well behaved, even while inebriated. Who knew?

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