Friday, May 21, 2010

Car Issues

I have recently been having problems starting my car. I took it to a local auto parts store on Monday and had them test the battery. The guy said the battery was fine, but that it sounded to him like the starter was weak and/or putting too much of a strain on the battery. Well, whatever the actual problem is, yesterday after work when I went out to start my car, it just wouldn't go. One call to AAA later, I got my car jumped by a towtruck, and it started up, but the towtruck operator noted that it sounded like the starter was "hesitant." I had a coworker drive me from my hotel to the worksite, and he will take me back to the hotel to pick up my car this afternoon, and then we'll see if it will start on its own or not. Hopefully if it needs a jump we can just do that again, but either way it is going straight to the shop once I get back to St. Louis. Then I can find out if it really is a bad battery, or a bad starter, or both, or a bad wire, or a corroded connection, or what. Oh, and get the trunk opener fixed; that's annoying.

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