Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So, Should I Join Facebook?

I've been doing this blog for almost four years now, and I have almost 500 posts in that time. However, I am wondering if anyone still reads this. Should I just join the 21st century and join Facebook like everyone else in the known universe and give up all of my privacy? I'm not sure.


636benjamin said...

My 2¢? Don't. You've held out this long, and with the way FB is going in privacy (read: none), they won't be the "thing" for very much longer. Hold on for the next big social media thing and be an early adopter there. Just my 2¢.

Arnold Observer said...

I've got you bookmarked and check regularly. I agree with the other comment about facebook. If you are concerned about coverage, then email all your contacts and remind them of your blog. Let it go from there. :)

Aaron W. Thorne said...

And then there's this: