Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mini Squadron

I first encountered the Mini Squadron game in the iTunes store, where you can purchase the game as an app for your iPhone/iPod/iPad/iEtc.  It is a simple game where you fly your plane around in a 2D side-scrolling environment and shoot down other planes.  The gameplay is pretty simple, but the designers gave the game a goofy sense of humor (flying cats?  really?), very bright colors, and a pretty cartoony sense of design (in a good way).  My only problem with the game is that I had trouble really controlling my plane properly using the touch-screen controls  The game would just work better with a real joystick, I though.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised this evening when I was rooting around in the PlayStation store on my PS3, looking at new years' sales, and I saw that you can play Mini Squadron on the PS3!  And PSP!  Best of all, the game costs just $0.99, which is exactly what the iPhone version cost me.  And I can say from experience that the game works MUCH better with an analog stick.  Aerial domination, here I come!

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