Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Panzer Blitz

A year ago I wrote about the board game Panzer Leader.  The next game up in my random walk through my board game collection is Panzer Blitz, the predecessor game to Panzer Leader, being published first, in 1970.  While the games are quite similar, in some ways I like Panzer Blitz better, probably because the rules are even simpler and artillery don't have a completely different set of rules to resolve fire.  The main differences are thematic, with Panzer Blitz's situations covering action on the Eastern Front (German vs. Soviet).  There are some different unit types in this, including Russian cavalry, which are way more fun than they should be, but otherwise it is feels very familiar.  Panzer Blitz uses the same style of modular boards as Panzer Leader, so it is possible to combine the games together and have really huge battles if you want.  So if you want to know my opinion of Panzer Blitz, just take what I wrote about Panzer Leader and put it in a slightly more favorable light.

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