Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Being a Responsible Family Man

This week, while my brother and sister-in-law are vacationing in Colorado, I have the job of holding down the fort at their place, which mainly involves feeding, walking, and trying to entertain their dog, Sadie. I have lived by myself for 8 years, so it is always interesting when I have to pay attention to someone or something else rather than just doing whatever I want to whenever I want to do it. Because I have these highly independent tendencies, I sometimes don't realize that the dog wants to play, and wants to play NOW. So, sometimes Saide scratches things and generally causes a scene as a way of getting my attention, because she can't understand why I don't play with her all day long. Of course, Sadie's idea of play is to grab something and then run away and have me chase her. She likes that. My idea of playing with a dog would be to have the dog chase after something and then bring it back to me, like a frisbee or a tree branch or something. Sadie doesn't do that, though. At least she seems to enjoy herself when I take her for walks in the evenings.

On top of dealing with the dog, I also get to take care of the two rabbits that live in the basement. The rabbits have been there a long time, and in fact one of them is old enough that he is having "accidents" on the floor, which I then get to clean up. Every. Day. Fun! Actually, the rabbits are very low maintenance, requiring about 10 to 15 minutes of work each day, which is infinitely less time than the dog wants, which is about 25 hours a day.

I like to think that this experience is helping me grow as a persone, but what is really happening is that I am being reminded why I don't have a dog.

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