Thursday, July 20, 2006

I've Never Seen Anything Like This

So say the people of St. Louis about last night's storms, according to our local paper. Last evening we had a super crazy thunderstorm tear through St. Louis. I was at my parents' house, as my Aunt Jane and Uncle Henry were in town, and I haven't seen Henry in, what, 10 years? So I had to be there. I also had no idea the storm was coming. First there was crazy wind, upwards of 80 mph. Then just sheets of rain and one hour of constant lightning. Really wild stuff. I thought it was pretty exciting, while my Aunt kept telling me to get away from the window.

The St. Louis area has roughly 2,400,000 residents, and over 500,000 homes lost power during the storm. According to the power company, they couldn't remember anything this widespread before. Last year we had bad storms come through in August, and 250,000 homes lost power, including my brother's, which was out for 3 days. I only lost power for about an hour, though. This year, I didn't lose power at all (or at least, it was on when I got home), but my brother's place did. I was really concerned, because it is supposed to be over 100 degrees today, and I'm watching the dog, and I didn't want to watch the dog in 100 degree weather. Luckily, his power came on about 5AM, so all is well.

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