Friday, October 13, 2006

Dave Checketts Should Guarantee More Wins

So, the Blues won their first game of the season last night, which was also their first home game of the season, after starting 0-2-1 on their West coast trip. The new owner, Dave Checketts had guaranteed that the team would win their first home game back in August. Considering that they didn't even score their first goal until over 56 minutes into the game (that's less than 4 minutes left, for those of you who don't know hockey), he was probably getting a little nervous. Sure enough, though, Lee Stempniak scored 2 goals in the remainder of the game, including the winner in the shootout, so secure the victory. That kid has turned out to be better than expected, and was probably the only real bright spot to come out of last season.

So, now that we know we can win a game, let's win some more, eh?

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