Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Go Crazy, Folks

So I went to the Mets/Cardinals playoff game in St. Louis last night. I had never been to a playoff baseball game before, so it was quite an experience. I was not prepared for how loud the place got. People were going nuts over every little thing that happened. Yes, some of it was due to the case of beer that each person (on average) was consuming, but everyone was very much into the game. Considering that the Cardinals won, there were many happy people at the ball park last night.

On a critical basis, the Cardinals played a very, very good game. Weaver once again pitched above his usual ability, and the bullpen kept the Mets scoreless. They threatened in the 8th, but were unable to get anybody home due to some key strikeouts by the Cardinals' relief pitchers.

It was a good time, but I didn't get home until after Midnight, and that made my 5AM wakeup time more painful than usual.

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