Friday, February 16, 2007

Hockey Week

In all my life, I will never watch as much hockey as I have watched (and am scheduled to watch) this week, including this coming Sunday. (aside to technical perfectionists: yes, I know Sunday is technically in a different week, but my Outlook calendar at work starts the week on Monday, so I am using that as my guide) I was at the Blues game vs. San Jose on Tuesday evening (the above picture is from D.J. King's fight in that game; don't ask where the rest of the Blues are!), and I watched Wednesday's away game against Colombus on the TV. Tonight I am going to the game against Nashville, and then on Sunday I am going to the game against Minnesota.

In case my parents believe that I have lost all financial sense, I will note that Tuesday's ticket was free thanks to my company, and Sunday's ticket was free thanks to a coworker who I will be joining for the game. It will also be three more weeks before I go to another game (3/10 against Montreal). I must say, though, that I am really looking forward to tonight's game. Even though the Blues are totally out-matched by Nashville, I am hoping that Peter Forsberg, who was just picked up by Nashville on Wednesday in a trade, will be playing, as I have never seen him play live. Best case, Forsberg plays and the Predators lose. Hope springs eternal...

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