Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl LXII is this Sunday? Whatever

So I find myself in the interesting position of caring hardly at all about who wins in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I don't care about the New England Patriots, and I don't care about the New York Giants. I will lean slightly towards the Patriots, but only because my friend Eric Winter in D.C. likes them, and I like him, so there is the whole 'guilty by association' thing going there. Anyway, I liked what this guy said about the game, which sums up my feelings nicely. As a proud resident of Middle America (i.e., the "flyover zone"), all of the piss and vinegar that Boston and New York partisans throw at each other just seems foreign to me. And not a good kind of foreign, like watching legions of drunk fans sing songs off key and way too loud at Arsenal games; a bad kind of foreign, like a North Korean film festival.

Granted, it would be great to see a Boston team lose, just to rub their smug noses in it. For a view on what leads to this kind of loathing, click here, but only if you can handle lots of profanity, because the writer seems somewhat unbalanced in a tourettes' syndrome kind of way. It's all true, though.

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