Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It turns out that I jinxed myself. Right after my dad helped me find the right part to fix my toilet, he asked me what else I needed to do around my house, and I answered that there was nothing that needed doing, since everything was pretty much wrapped up, except putting another coat of stain on the deck railing in the spring once the weather turned warmer.

Only two days later, my garbage disposal broke. And this wasn't just a "it won't run" problem, I mean part of the blade actually broke off and jammed underneath the rest of the mechanism.

Above is a photo of the broken part. It isn't a great picture (since my digital camera is dying), but you can tell how corroded it looks. And that should be laying flat on the table, rather than being all bent and cock-eyed. So, yeah, I need to get a new disposal. And wouldn't you know it, the old one is hard-wired into the house, so this could end up being a major undertaking, since not only do we have to take off the old one and put in a new one, but we can't just plug it into a socket. Instead we have to decide if we should re-wire the new one into the house, or if we shoudl install an electrical outlet under the sink, so we can just plug in any other replacements we might need down the road. It sure would be nice if things would just work right, wouldn't it?

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