Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weekend Update

It has surely been an interesting last few days. On the political front, the result in the Democratic caucus was quite unexpected (not that Obama won, but that Clinton only got third), though I figured Huckabee would win in Iowa considering the surge of momentum he had been riding in December. New Hampshire will be critical for him, though. If he tanks there, which is likely, things could get dicey. Interesting times, indeed.

On the home front, the toilet in one of my bathrooms can't actually hold water in the tank; it constantly leaks out. I figured it was the plug that was the problem, since it was literally falling apart, so I bought a new one and put it in, but that hasn't solved the problem. So, I guess it is the seal on the gasket between the gasket and the plug that is bad, and now I get to go back to the hardware store and get a new gasket. Joy! At least I can handle plumbing repairs myself, as opposed to electrical work, which I have no idea how to do. Ah! The joys of home ownership!

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