Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Election Ever

This might seem strange to some people, but I have really been enjoying watching the Democratic primaries and caucuses over the past few months. The balance between Clinton and Obama shifts back and forth, but they seem really, really even right now. Can you even imagine what it will be like if this continues through the primaries, with both of them trading winning states but nobody really locking down the nomination before the convention? We might get to see Howard Dean scream some more if that happens. I don't think at this point that anyone can really predict what will happen. Supposedly this was Clinton's election to lose, and yet we are in what is essentially a dead-heat. Exciting!

And I really liked this article by our own local curmudgeon, which really gets at an interesting point. The first sentence sells it: "Bill Clinton, who was our first black president, is now trying to become our first woman president." Because you just know that Bill isn't going to play golf and fish and eat burgers all day if his wife is the President. I don't care what his intentions are, he just won't be able to help himself, and he will dive in and simply try to take over the situation, because, God love him, he just can't help himself. Imagine being the Vice President in that setup. You really wouldn't have anything to do!

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