Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank you, Charter, But Would It Kill You To Talk to Me?

I am one of Charter Communication's cable TV customers in the St. Louis area. For the most part, I am happy with the service they provide, which I realize puts me in the distinct minority. However, I have found that for a company named "Charter Communications" they seem to be really bad at the whole "communicating" thing. For example, one of the main things I use my cable TV for is watching hockey games. non-Blues games are shown on Versus and HDNet. A few weeks ago I realized while changing channels by using the "up/down" button on my remote that I suddenly had Versus in High-Definition on channel 772. Thus, I could now watch their hockey games in High-Def. This is great, but I wonder how long that had been there before I found it.

Then, a couple weeks ago while sick, I was doing some random channel surfing and noticed that I had the NHL Network on channel 410. The NHL Network, people! I can watch AHL and ECHL games! I can watch games on Wednesday! But how long have I had this channel and not known about it? I got the expanded sports package (of which it is a part) over the summer, but I don't remember it being there back in July. Did they add it in October when the season started? Did they add it two hours before I happened to run across it? I have no idea.

So, a big "thank you" to Charter for giving me more of what I want without charging me more money for it, but would it kill you to send me an email letting me know when you are going to add channels? It can't cost that much to do, and would make me happy, and you need all the happy customers you can get these days.

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