Monday, February 04, 2008

Sports Roundup

Last Friday I went to the Blues/Ducks game at the Scottrade Center. It was a good game, though rougher on my nerves than I would have liked. It was quite odd to have "Doug Weight" night after we traded him to the Ducks, though. They pulled it off with as much class as could be mustered, but it was still odd. But, hey, they had already bought all of those statues, so they might as well use them, right?

With the Blues' overtime shootout win, that makes them 6 and 1 for games I have gone to this year, and the one loss was only by one point. I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of my tickets, this year!

And there was a football game played over the weekend that was important. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about Arsenal beating Manchester City to go back to top of the Premier League table. Woooo!! Take that, United! And even though I figured I would never say such a thing, "thank you" to Tottenham for pounding on Manchester United like they did. I want them to lose every other game, but I was OK with them holding United down.

What, you want American football? Fine, fine. Yes, a hearty "congrats" to the Gianst for doing what nobody said they would, with the exceptions of Mike Ditka and Mike Celizic. However, I don't care, because those are New England teams and therefore beneath my notice. It was quite an exciting finish, though.

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