Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm Cracked

Well, according to my dentist, anyway. I had my six-month cleaning on Friday and I learned that a tooth that has been bothering me off-and-on for a while has a crack in it. I guess it's always good to get confirmation that I'm not imagining things, but there are better ways to prove I'm not crazy. Ah, well, pretty soon I get to spend lots of money to get that fixed.

In other news, you may or may not have heard about ESPN360, the sports channel's online video service. I was goofing around on this morning setting the lineup for my fantasy hockey team, and decided to click on an ad link about the service, just for fun. Upon doing that, I learned that I get full access to ESPN360 for FREE! All because I have AT&T as my DSL provider. Man, I wish people would tell me about these things, rather than having me just randomly stumble across it. I'm currently watching the Catania v. Juventus Serie A match right now, and it's pretty cool, even if the video stream isn't as consistent as I would like.

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