Sunday, May 03, 2009

All Things Must End

I recently learned that Yahoo! will be shutting down their Geocities website service at some point later this year. My first online experience was with Geocities (back before it was a Yahoo! service), and I still have a website with them. I haven't done much with it in recent years, to be honest, but it is still a little sad to see it go. With its forthcoming disappearance into the aether, I have been looking into new online tools to do similar things. My first success was yesterday, when I was looking for some sort of widget I could add to this blog to showcase the books I am reading. I landed on the site Goodreads, which lets you keep a virtual library, rate and review books, and also produces a handy widget to either show what you are reading, or produce random views into your "bookshelves," which is Goodreads' way of letting you break your collection up in different ways. All I need now is one of these bad boys for comic books and I'll be set.

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