Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Days

Yesterday I spent most of the day at Game Nite at South County Center, where I played a couple games of my new game (just got it in the mail on Thursday), The Kaiser's Pirates. It is an abstract game of German commerce raiding during WWI. It is abstract because each player has both German raiders as well as Allied and neutral merchant ships. You try to sink the other player's merchant ships and raiders, without losing your own. It is a lot of fun, though the first hand was totally screwed up because I forgot a very important rule. D'oh! While driving to the store, I noticed that there is a new El Pollo Loco that was put in on Tesson Ferry just south of Lindbergh. I realize that most St. Louisans have no idea about El Pollo Loco, but let's just say that they were doing great grilled chicken decades before KFC decided to give that idea a try. Needless to say, as someone who spent a majority of his childhood in California, I had to get dinner there. If you can get past the greasiness of the chicken, it was a pretty healthy meal. The mixed veggies I got didn't even have any butter on them, they were just lightly steamed, which is the perfect way to prepare that kind of thing.

I have also been knee-deep in the process of thinning out my game collection a little bit. I've got some good money in return for my efforts, which I'm trying to keep from spending on new games. It will probably be a losing battle. I did buy a copy of Carcassonne while at Game Nite yesterday. My brother, Mark, has owned a copy for years and I've played his copy maybe a half-dozen times. I like the game, so I figured I should get my own copy. I hope to break it out and get it on the table fairly soon.

On the work front, things are slooooooowwww. Nothing is happening, and very few people are actually there. That's summer for you, when most people take vacations and clients don't run many projects for us to work on, because, you know, all their people are on vacation.

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