Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Footy?

Today marked the start of the English Premier League '09/'10 season, and my Arsenal got off to amazing form, slapping around a hapless Everton 6-1 (and that Everton goal was a gift to them, really). If you haven't ever watched much soccer, any goal differential higher than 3 is an absolute shellacing, and I can't even imagine how brutal it must have been for the home-side Everton fans to watch it. Perhaps kind of like that 10-2 game I saw back in '02 where the Washington Capitals got hammered by Ottawa, but you occasionally get games like that in hockey; giving up 6 goals in a soccer match is practically unheard of at the top flight. I do not have high hopes for Arsenal this season, but if they can keep up this form I may have to revise my predictions.

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