Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being a General Manager is Hard

As I believed I have mentioned earlier, I started playing Eastside Hockey Manager a few weeks ago. Well, I have now played it long enough that I have five full seasons under my belt as the GM of the St. Louis Blues. You know how many Stanley Cups I have won in that entire time? Zero. At least I made it to the finals three seasons ago, though that was only to be the face getting hit by the fist of the Ottawa Senators. I'm currently in a slight re-building mode after getting knocked out of the playoffs in the second round for the second year in a row, but the talented free agents either want too much money, or they don't want to play for my team. At least I got the owners to up the player budget this season for the first time ever, but I'm having trouble finding people who want to take my money (well, players who I think are worth it who want to take my money; losers are easy to find). Plus I know I have a brewing problem at my goalie position, but none of my prospects are really panning out properly. I almost feel sorry for Larry Pleau, know, having to put up with this kind of stuff in real life.

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