Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bank of America Stories

Some of you may remember stories I have told in the past about how Bank of America never charges me for cashier's checks even though they should.  The first time was around six years ago, when instead of charging me for the service they sent me a thank you card in the mail.  The second time was close to two years ago when the teller simply waived the fee for reasons unknown.  Well, on Thursday, it happened again.  I needed to pay for something at work by check, and I forgot to bring my checkbook with me.  Since my company office is in the Bank of America plaza in downtown St. Louis, there is a branch right in the lobby.  I headed on down there to get a check made out for me.  While there, the cashier pulled up my info on the computer and declared that while I should be paying a fee, she would waive it.  Why?  Because Bank of America has my mortgage now (they got it when they purchased Countrywide a couple years ago), which means that I really should be in a different checking plan, that they offer especially to mortgage customers.  This special plan means that my checking account will earn interest with no minimal balance required, I get unlimited cashier's checks, I get free personal check printing, and a free safe deposit box.  They were bored on Thursday afternoon because it had been a slow day, so they happily upgraded me on the spot.  So, now I am getting lots of free stuff and earning interest where before I earned squadoosh, and I am paying nothing for the privilege.  It's good being me.

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