Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting Decked

I've been on vacation since Tuesday this week.  While I have done some laying around, reading, and watching TV (hockey season has started!  Wooooo!!!), the big thing I did was strip and re-stain my deck.  Basically, I got tired of it looking like I swiped the deck from an abandoned property and just bolted it to my house, and wanted a deck that looked like its owner cared about it.  I worked around 3 hours a day on it, on average, for the past four days, with the end result being a very nice looking deck that hopefully will last for at least 3 years this time.  I applied some lessons I learned the last time I stained the deck, and I put two coats of stain on all of the horizontal surfaces, in the hopes that the sun won't be able to bake off both coats within one year.  It will be very nice to be able to sit out on a good looking deck over the weekend, and enjoy the fruits of my labors with some iced beverages and a good book.

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