Thursday, June 27, 2013

Product Announcement

June 27, 2013
St. Louis, MO, USA

Subject: Product announcement - new version of Aaron W. Thorne product now available

Today, Thorne Industries is happy to announce the release of version 39 of our popular product, Aaron W. Thorne.  First released in 1974, the early model had a lot of promise and potential, but also some bugs and glitches that have been resolved over the years through various updates, patches, and behavioral modifications.  With the release of version 39, Thorne Industries is proud to declare that the product is now technically complete from an engineering standpoint, and we do not anticipate the need for further new versions in the future.  The world never stops moving, of course, and neither do we, so we do plan to  develop and release periodic bug fixes for the product, most likely on an annual basis for ease of scheduling.  Thus, in roughly a year's time we anticipate the release of version 39.0.1 of Aaron W. Thorne.  We at Thorne Industries trust that our valued customers will join us in celebration of this new version release and we look forward, as always, to working with you to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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