Monday, June 10, 2013


Rivets is the next random game from my collection.  It is an old game, from 1977, that purports to show warfare between two "armies" of robot war machines.  See, the people have all died in all the wars over the last few decades, but nobody bothered to tell the machines, who just keep slugging it out forever, I guess.

The game rules are actually pretty similar to the game Ogre, with each combat unit being rated for combat strength and movement.  The differentiating factor in Rivets is that most of the combat units are stupid.  In fact, for most of them, you have to program them at the beginning of the scenario to only attack one type of enemy unit.  Then, during the game, they can only attack that type of enemy unit.  If they kill all of those types of units, and you want them to attack something else, you have to bring them all back to your 'factory base' and reprogram them to attack another type of unit.  Does that sound annoying to you?  That would be because it IS annoying.  I think it is supposed to be funny that you have these units rolling around the play map trying to get to the units they are supposed to attack, but it just feels stupid to me.  Not a game I plan to ever play again.

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