Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chart Wars

The next random game from my collection I am writing about is Chart Wars, a completely non-serious wargame.  The green nation and the blue nation are at war, and many dice will be rolled before the dust settles.  This game is called Chart Wars because there are about two dozen random charts that are constantly referenced throughout the game.  At the start of each turn, roll for diplomacy to see who can attack who with what weapons.  Then you roll to see if you get any new units, or perhaps lose units.  Then you move units, which is pretty normal.  Then you roll for combat, with the strangest Combat Results Table ever.  For example, you could have your attacking units decide to become pacifists and leave the war.  Very odd.  You can also fire Scud missiles (the game was published in 1992), which usually hit a random hex on the board, if they even fire at all.

I do not particularly like the game.  While I have no problems with random tables in my game, they should at least make sense.  These tables make no sense.  For example, one of the last phases of the game is to roll on a table to see what impact your army commander had that turn.  ALL of the results have the commander having no effect, as a joke.  It is minorly funny, but that humor wears off really quick.  Player ability has nothing to do with anything in this game, just random dice rolling.  Probably not something I will ever play again, unless I am in a very strange mood.

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