Monday, September 02, 2013

Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece & Eastern Kingdoms

Over five years ago I wrote about the game Commands and Colors: Ancients.  The next game on my random walk through my collection is the first expansion pack, Greece and Eastern Kingdoms.  This game doesn't come with any new rules (just some clarifications on the original rulebook), or any new terrain tiles, or command cards.  What it does come with is two new armies (Greeks and "Eastern" forces, which usually means 'Persians')., and 21 new scenarios.  The new scenarios are the real meat of this expansion pack, as the base game only had 10 scenarios.  Thus, buying just this one expansion pack more than triples the published scenarios for your game.  As you can probably guess from the title, the battles in this set involve either Greeks or "Eastern" forces, and usually both.  Some of the scenarios do make use of blocks from the base game, but you can really use whatever block sets you want, as long as you have enough blocks of each unit type.  Everything that I wrote about the base game still applies to this expansion, you just have a lot more scenarios to try with this expansion pack.  If you like the game, it is really worth it to get the expansion for the extra scenarios.

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