Saturday, September 07, 2013

Zombie Corps(e)

The next random game from my collection I will write about isn't a stand-alone game, but rather the first expansion to the Zombies!!! game, which I wrote about over five years.  Zombie Corps(e) is actually a really great expansion to the original game, and once I acquired it I hardly ever have played the game without using it.

Where the base game takes place in a nameless town, this expansion adds a military base on the edge of town.  The way that this works is that the military base has its own separate stack of board tiles to represent the military base.  Each turn, a player can decide whether to place a town tile, or a base tile.  Zombies are placed like normal, with the exception of the super, military engineered zombies, which appear on a specific tile.  These zombies are only defeated in combat on a five or six on a die roll, and they even glow in the dark.  Awesome.  This expansion also adds new play cards to the deck, including the wonderful bazooka, which lets you actually blow up an entire board tile, removing it from the game.  Good fun.  The military base also has its own helipad, and either that one or the one in town can be used to win the game through a helicopter victory.  This expansion really adds to the rather minimal strategy from the original game, and that is why I rate this expansion higher than the original game.

The only downside I have to reviewing this expansion is the fact that my affection for the original game has waned over time, and I think I have played it only three times over the last five years, as opposed to the first five years that I owned it, when it probably got played a good two dozen times or so.  Still, if you like the base game, this expansion is a no-brainer.

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