Monday, November 06, 2006

Making the Money

For the last few months I have known that it was time to dig through my comic boxes, identify the duplicate books and stuff I don't want anymore, and sell it all on eBay. So, what did I do this last weekend? I went through the boxes of my old games and put those items up on eBay, instead. As someone who has sold over 100 items on eBay over the past few years, I can safely say that it is a major rush to put something up for auction and watch the price get bid up. It can also be rather depressing to put something up for auction and after a week realize that nobody wanted it. However, I am having pretty good results with my latest auction, and stuff hasn't even been up for 2 days yet, so I hope things will turn out pretty good and I will make some good Christmas spending money. If you want to see what I am auctioning off (old minis, board games, and some old RPG books from back in the day), click here.

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