Saturday, March 24, 2007

60,000 and counting

I bought my car 5 years ago, next month. In that time, slightly shy of 60,000 miles traveled, I have never put new tires on the car. Realizing that most tires don't really last much longer than 60,000 miles, I had the guys at the auto shop check the tread wear on my tires when I had the car in for an oil change this morning. The man was surprised that those were the original tires, because they probably still have another 20,000 miles worth of tread on them. It could be that the tires are simply the most awesome tires ever made (they are UniRoyal Tiger Paws, if you like details), or maybe my practice of rotating the tires roughly every 7000 miles or so is making a big difference. Or maybe the way I drive just puts less wear on tires than normal. Whatever the reason, I have $500 that I set aside months ago to buy new tires with, and it looks like I won't be spending that money on tires any time soon. And those of you you who know me understand how much I enjoy not spending money when i don't have to.

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