Friday, March 16, 2007

I have my car back

I got my car back from the shop yesterday evening, transportation courtesy of my brother Mark, who is in town from Iowa on his spring break. Some people go to Mexico and engage in drunken debauchery for spring break, but my brother comes to Missouri and eats cookies. While cookies are good, they don't rate very high on the debauchery scale. Anyway, my bro took me to the body shop, and I now have my own car back. They fixed the dent, so all is good. The only thing that didn't go as planned was the fact that the repair work took three days, instead of the two that I had been told over the phone. I had gotten permission to work from home for two days, so that I would not have to rent a car. I was never going to get permission for a third day, however, so I had to rent a car for one day so I could get to work. I will hand it to Hertz; they made it very easy. They drove the car to my house and just checked my drivers' license and left me the keys. Ah, the joys of being #1 club Gold. So I ended up with an extra $40 expense, but it could have been a lot worse.

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