Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Working on my back deck

Not exactly, but I could be. I am working from home today and tomorrow while my car is in the shop for body repairs. Fun! I am lucky enough to be working from home on perhaps the nicest days in St. Louis over the last few months, so I will have to abuse the situation somehow.

My younger brother, Mark, is coming in to town today from Iowa. He is here on spring break. The man is 29 years old, and is still in school, so he still gets sprint break. Crazy. We are going to try to get together on Saturday morning to go hiking, which will be cool, as I haven't been hiking since autumn last year. Mark will go hiking when it is freezing, but I won't. The good weather looks like it won't stick with us into the weekend, but it shouldn't be too bad.

And, finally, I would like to give a giant raspberry to the NCAA tournament selection committee. They are just a bunch of haters. Granted, I knew that they wouldn't give Missouri State an at-large bid, because they showed last year that they have no respect for the Bears at all. That being said, all of the mid-majors conferences got rocked this year, and it's not right! Pitchforks and torches, people! We're off to storm the castle!

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