Monday, June 11, 2007

The 48 Hour Film Project

Ladies and gentlemen, I can now add "screenwriter" and "actor" to my resume. Why? I was involved in the St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project this weekend. A guy that I know asked if I wanted to be involved, so I decided to help write the script for the film on Friday night. For those of you who have never heard about this, the concept is to create a four to seven-minute film, and you have a total of 48 hours to do the whole thing. Right before kickoff, each team is given a genre (we got "superhero"), and every team in the grouping is given a character and a line of dialogue that has to be used in the film. This can lead to some interesting creative decisions, as sometimes you have to force things to use the character or the dialogue.

I was with most of the team on Friday night to write the actual script, and then on Saturday I got to play the role of the boss. The highlight of the film, to be sure, is when I get turned into a cricket. Yes, through the magic of film, the bad guy turns me into an insect. Gripping drama, to be sure. After my team wins the grand prize I'll be sure to post again letting you know how we are blowing the prize money.

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