Thursday, June 21, 2007


My least favorite season, summer, is once again upon us. Some folks may wonder why I like summer the least of all seasons, especially considering that my birthday, and the birthdays of both of my brothers, falls within the summer months. Also, summer as a child meant that there was no school, so I could run and play (or sit and read, as was my wont) without worries of homework going undone. To those doubters and scoffers, I would like to submit as people's evidence the fact that summers in St. Louis routinely see high temperatures in the high 90s (with the occasional 100+) with 98% humidity, on average. Ah, the joys of living in a river town! The beautiful (aka, incredibly muddy and nasty looking) Mississippi! The (better looking than the Mississippi) Missouri! The (floods all the time) Meremac! The healthy and virile mosquitos! Yes, what could possibly be better?

At some point in my life I will be wealthy enough to be able to afford to commute to Canada for the summer (or, at least, west central Virginia). Alas, I am not yet so blessed. So, the season of suffering begins.

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