Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Game Day

I haven't had a day like Sunday in quite a while. It was church in the morning, and then games all day. It started with a brief game of Culdcept on my PS2, and then I went to one of the monthly meetings of the St. Louis Boardgames Meetup Group, a rather large (300+ members) local organization that meets at various locations around the area to play boardgames. I played a couple games that I had never played before (Fire & Axe, and Railroad Tycoon), and I even won one of them due to a high risk / high reward strategy actually paying off in Fire & Axe. Very nice. Then, after that, I went to the house of some ladies I know from church, where 20+ people were playing Apples to Apples and various games on the Wii in the basement. And after all those games, I still found time to play another brief game of Culdcept yesterday in between laundry, cooking dinner, and going to the gym. What can I say, it is my thing.

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